The New School Collaboratory supports students, faculty and community partners to promote excellence in engaged learning, scholarship and practice. Our approach emphasizes equitable community partnerships, collaborative, project-based work designed to share, explore and create knowledge that contributes to a more just, resilient and equitable society.

We optimize the social and educational impact of academic collaborations with communities by:

  1. Building learning communities via university-wide symposia, capacity building workshops, asset mapping, peer exchange and think tank sessions.
  2. Showcasing projects, courses, curricula, research and labs that exemplify innovative approaches to social change on the digital knowledge hub.
  3. Co-producing knowledge by incubating socially-engaged programs, actionable tools, participatory research, curricula and best practices that center the expertise of communities at the frontline of 21st century problems.


A university-wide initiative supported by the Provost and Executive Dean for The Schools of Public Engagement, The Collaboratory continues The New School’s founding values of supporting scholar activists in their commitment to imagining and making a more just and sustainable world.

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