The New School Collaboratory is a university-wide initiative that supports scholars, activists, students and practitioners in and beyond The New School who are committed to imagining and making a more just and sustainable world. 

The New School Collaboratory seeks to enhance the social and educational impact of academic collaborations with communities by:

  1. Building learning communities via university-wide symposia, capacity building workshops, asset mapping, peer exchange and think tank sessions.
  2. Showcasing projects, courses, curricula, research and labs via the Collaboratory’s Digital Knowledge Platform that represent diverse approaches to socially engaged learning, public scholarship and creative and professional practice. 
  3. Co-producing knowledge by incubating socially-engaged programs, actionable tools, participatory research, curricula and best practices that center the expertise of communities at the frontline of 21st century problems.

A university-wide initiative was founded by faculty from across The New School with an initial grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and has received additional support from the Schools of Public Engagement. The New School Collaboratory has been led by founding faculty Director, Michele Kahane with faculty and community activist Masoom Moitra. It has been supported by a range of collaborators listed below.

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