Storytelling Crew (Open Call!)

Collaboratory Multimedia Storytelling Crew

Would you like to use your expertise in storytelling and multimedia production to help create a more just, resilient, and equitable society? Apply to join a select crew of talented and socially committed media makers. You will be considered first in relevant paid job opportunities across campus and become part of a network of student media makers that share skills and experiences.

We are looking for students with an interest/background in telling engaging stories through a variety of media including photo, video, audio (soundscapes, podcasts, etc.), websites, blogs, social media, books, animation, video games, and data visualization–students who can think critically and creatively about documentation.

About The New School Collaboratory (the “Collaboratory”)

The Collaboratory works to enhance the university’s commitment to socially engaged learning. Socially engaged learning refers to any experience that helps students become critically engaged citizens dedicated to addressing problems and contributing to the public good. Recently, the Collaboratory launched a web platform to showcase and document socially-engaged projects led by faculty and students across the university as well as a fund to support multi-media documentation of these projects. Starting this Fall, the Collaboratory will facilitate connections between the Multimedia Storytelling Crew and projects that are be undertaken by faculty across the University focused on socially engaged learning.   


Eligibility Criteria

  • New School undergraduate or graduate students enrolled for the 2017-2018 academic year
  • Demonstrate expertise in multimedia storytelling
  • Demonstrate an interest in social/civic engagement

Application Deadline

April 21, 11:59pm EST

We will have intermittent additional calls for applications.


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