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Imagine a place where scholars, artists, and designers find the support they need to challenge convention and fearlessly create positive change in the world. Imagine an intellectual and creative haven that never has — and never will — settle for the status quo. The New School is a progressive urban university where the walls between disciplines are dissolved, so that journalists can collaborate with designers, architects with social researchers, media specialists with activists, poets with musicians.  

In 1919, a few great minds imagined a school that would rethink the purpose of higher learning. The New School is an amalgamation of a world-famous design school, a premier liberal arts college, a renowned performing arts school, a legendary social research school, and other advanced degree programs, created to challenge and support freethinkers who want to change the world.  Learn more here.


In 2014 a group of 50 faculty, students and external partners came together to create the Collaboratory, a community of practice to more deliberately examine The New School’s approach to project-based learning and public engagement.   The Collaboratory’s virtual platform is an outgrowth of their work. 

The Collaboratory was developed with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. It has also benefited from the support of The New School’s Provost Office and the Executive Dean’s Office at the Schools Of Public Engagement.  Strategic advice on web development has also be provided by the Digital Humanities Initiative.  

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The Schools of Public Engagement (SPE) hosts the Collaboratory for The New School. The team that manages the Collaboratory includes: Michele Kahane, Associate Dean, Educational Innovation and Social Engagement; Zachary Rosen, Project Manager, Chhavi Jain, Design and Community Web Manager, and Justin Sherwood, the Director of Communications and Special Initiatives at SPE.  Please feel free to contact us here.


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Insights from Collaboratory

With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, beginning in June 2013 a group of 50 faculty, students and external partners engaged in two-year action-research initiative. With the aim of enhancing The New School’s approach to project-based learning and public engagement, the initiative sought to identify the challenges of and best practices for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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