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New Challenge is a university-wide social innovation education platform launched in 2012. The goals of this transformative initiative are to nurture the entrepreneurial mindsets and skills needed to pursue a variety of career paths in the 21st century and to support students in accessing resources to create sustainable social impact. Our theory of change is rooted in the belief that if we support students in developing an ability to empathize with others, collaborate across differences, solve problems creatively, adapt to changing circumstances, and persist in the face of obstacles, then they will be able to thrive in this rapidly changing global economy. Many students will continue to develop and scale up their New Challenge projects throughout their careers, while others will help fuel the next wave of innovation as entrepreneurial leaders and managers within existing companies or organizations. A high percentage of these individuals will follow in the footsteps of pioneering New School alumni who have imagined new futures and re-envisioned entire industries, practices, policies, and technologies to positively impact society.

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