Socially-engaged learning? Public scholarship? Collaboration? Transdisciplinarity?


If you’re still wondering what do these terms mean, the What and Who tabs from our About section is a good place to start your journey through this website.

After that, you might want to take a look at our Projects section; this will give you a general idea of how has The New School community made these concepts look in practice. You can also find out about the individuals and organizations involved in these projects by visiting our People section.

Hopefully, those initial interactions with this practice will leave you curious and inspired! If that’s the case, you can take a deep-dive into some exemplary projects’ Portfolios, or peruse our Resources section to find out about resources and opportunities for you to be part of the Collaboratory community.

Finally, in the Perspectives section you will find multivocal and nuanced answers to some of the more pressing questions in the field.

Welcome to the Collaboratory!



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