XReality Center

Exploring how reality warping technology can transform education

The XReality Center serves as a dedicated research center at The New School, designed to explore the unknown potential and explorative nature of the dynamic field of reality warping technologies. These include virtual, augmented, and mixed realities–the “XR” in XReality Center.


The XReality Center is based on four building blocks:

Immersive Learning – A resource hub for XR activities, initiatives, and courses within the university.

XR Labs – Explore and experience what XR has to offer to create pedagogically sound immersive learning interactions, and to gain insight into a project using emerging immersive technology.

Products and Projects – A collaborative environment for students and faculty to develop XR initiatives and for product development for and/or with external clients and partners.

Research – Research will be conducted on an ongoing basis on how to effectively utilize this emerging technology in the education sector.


Through class visits and co-teaching, XReality Center is quickly leading the charge in training faculty and identifying innovative applications of XR technologies to transform learning at The New School. The ability to design immersive learning environments that respond directly to a user’s actions provides wholly new opportunities for experimentation across a variety of fields.

The XReality Center provides more than a tech lab recognizing that, as with any rapidly evolving field, realizing the benefits of new technologies will require faculty and students to think deeply about the inherent ethics of expanding the use of virtual reality. This is where the Center’s emerging expertise in how to advance the study and design innovation of technologies in ways that further digital equity and sustainability proves critical.



Maya Georgieva  (Director of Digital Learning)



The New School Office of Information Technology


X-Reality Center Course list


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