Nadia Williams


Nadia Williams is Assistant Professor of Diversity & Inclusion at Parsons School of Design, and Director of the Parsons Scholars Program. She has taught pre-college and college design courses over the course of 14 years at Parsons and in numerous New York City public schools as a teaching artist.  As a graduate of the Parsons BFA Fashion Design department, Nadia began her career designing in corporate environments, and later moved to Mexico, where she explored her commitment to social justice through independent and collective design projects. In her current role, Nadia collaborates on various social justice initiatives across The New School and across NYC, and is faculty advisor for the university-wide student organizations Sisters Art Salon (a collective of women artists of color) and The DREAM Team (which creates space for undocumented students within an immigrant justice framework).   At the core of all of her work is the fact that people of color have played a crucial role in most, if not all, of the most notable creative movements throughout history, yet continue to be underrepresented in recognized and compensated positions of power across creative industries.  Nadia is a proud mother of a headstrong toddler, and feels fortunate to be surrounded by love and resilience in her family and personal and professional relationships.


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