Brian Erickson


Brian Erickson brings a decade of experience leveraging digital and earned media strategies to win policy reforms at local, state and federal levels. Prior to joining The New School, Brian worked at the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico’s Regional Center for Border Rights (RCBR) to advocate for just and fair immigration reform and policing reforms at our nation’s largest federal police force–U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A trained media spokesperson, Brian led the RCBR’s messaging development and trained community leaders and staff in media advocacy best practices.

Brian recently moved to NYC to complete his master’s degree in The School of Media Studies at The New School, focusing on Transmedia and Digital Storytelling. A firm believer in the power of story-based strategies to shift public opinion, Brian hopes to return to strategic communications with honed audio and video productions skills to help social impact organizations reach and activate diverse audiences. Brian currently serves as Project Manager for The New School Collaboratory digital knowledge hub.



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