Rita Breidenbach


Rita Breidenbach is a senior university administrator, currently serving as assistant provost for faculty development, providing resources and support services for both full-time and part-time faculty at The New School, including onboarding, teaching and learning, research and creative practice, equity and diversity, and leadership development. Before joining the Provost’s Office, Rita served for four years as vice dean of a new academic unit of The New School with programs that build on the university’s founding tradition of life long learning and that explicitly take on contemporary social issues through active learning in applied projects. Previously associate dean for academic affairs of another of the university’s academic units, Eugene Lang College, she has been engaged for many years in building organizational and academic structures, processes and procedures to enhance each unit’s success for the benefit of faculty and students. Rita is also an assistant professor of English literature and earned a PhD in English from Stony Brook University.



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