Participatory Action Research (PAR) Working Tool

For Art.School.Differences and Co-Researchers

From this resource produce by Art.School.Differences:

“For the work of Art.School.Differences, Participatory Action Research (PAR) is fundamental in defining our own work as well as any collaboration with co-researchers or other allies. In our research we aim at a deconstruction of the subject-object relationship to install a joint cooperation with equal participation by everyone. This allows for an effective questioning and reorganizing of the production of knowledge. Moreover, we consider PAR to be helpful in conceptualizing the development of higher art education as more inclusive, democratic and pluralistic and to introduce notions of social change if implemented. .The challenge for PAR researchers who are serious about social change is to think through how to effectively provoke action by research that engages, that reframes social issues theoretically, that nudges those in power, that feeds organizing campaigns, and that motivates audiences to change both the way they think and how they act in the world.

The following text is a compilation of entries to the blog ‹participaction› on WordPress. The site has been created as part of a PhD course into research methods and had the goal to investigate PAR and to assemble resources, both theoretical and practical, for those considering using a PAR approach.”

Please access the resource here.

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