Assessing Research-Practice Partnerships

From the resource:

“In this white paper, we describe a framework that comprises five dimensions for assessing education Research-Practice Partnerships (RPPs). This framework includes a set of indicators for each dimension that describes where to look for evidence that an RPP is making progress on a particular dimension of effectiveness. The indicators are intended to guide the development of more specific protocols and measures that could contribute to a body of evidence related to partnership effectiveness. While we intend this framework to be useful for funders evaluating RPP proposals and assessing the extent to which a funded RPP is accomplishing its goals, we also believe it may be useful to current RPP teams and to researchers and practitioners planning an RPP. Specifically, this framework can help RPP teams develop assessment plans that will enable them to monitor and improve their work on an ongoing basis.

Please access the Framework here.

Published by William T. Grant Foundation

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