Collaboratory Digital Knowledge Hub

The Collaboratory Digital Knowledge Hub is a multimedia platform and archive for socially engaged learning and public scholarship.  It seeks to address vital gaps in communication, knowledge dissemination, and collaboration across diverse stakeholders (faculty, students, communities and organizational partners). The platform showcases diverse representations of socially engaged projects, pedagogies, research and resources.

The goals of this platform are to:

  •   Improve knowledge- and resource-sharing, as well as collaboration, across the University and with our partners;
  •   Raise the profile of the public scholarship as a form of knowledge creation and make more visible the work of public scholars; and
  •   Foster dialogue among scholars, educators, students and practitioners that deepens understanding of diverse approaches to public scholarship and engaged learning.

By making this form of knowledge creation visible, the platform will contribute to high quality public scholarship and social engaged teaching and help advance the work of the communities and organizations with which we partner.  By exhibiting co-produced knowledge the platform will set a new standard of reciprocity with our partners.

Explore the Collaboratory Digital Knowledge Hub here.

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