Dana Rosati

The New School (Alum)


Dana Rosati is a former classically trained ballerina and tap dancer who has spent a lifetime fueling her art and body with delicious plant-based food. As a vegan, she comes with a wealth of knowledge on living compassionately as an artist, while preparing and enjoying delicious plant-based meals. Dana believes that leading an ethically conscious lifestyle should be accessible, flourish locally in urban foodscapes, and serve as a solution to the detriments of animal agriculture. Dana has a BS in Textiles, Marketing, and Design from the University of Rhode Island and holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management with honors from The New School, with a focus on environmental sustainability and food policy. Dana is a fine artist, farm animal welfare advocate, and an avid volunteer at some of New York City’s most vulnerable animal shelters. Dana has dedicated her life to being a “voice for the voiceless,” and ending the needless exploitation of sentient farmed animals through the adoption of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. She runs a popular vegan lifestyle blog, Veg-A-Saurus.







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The Power of Plants

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