Anna Mackay

Design Workshop Construction Manager


Anna has been circling buildings (metaphorically and literally) her entire professional career. She worked as the Construction Manager on the Design Workshop project. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, she has pursued her interest of people in places through multiple roles in the building profession: intern architect, carpenter, project manager, design/build educator and now as a real estate developer. This multi-faceted exposure to her field provides her with unique perspective when considering budget and management efficiency.

Anna’s attention to detail, legendary organizational prowess, and strong managerial ability allow her to keep building projects moving forward on time and within budget. Anna always keeps an eye on the less tangible measures of a building’s success including satisfied GC/Owner/AE teams, a building that honors the needs of it’s occupants in a graceful way, and a community that is made better by the end result.



Featured Collaboratory Project

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