Collaborative Research Studio: The Teaching Artist

This practice-oriented course focuses on Arts Education. Collaborative Research Studio (CRS) combines research and civic engagement to offer an experiential, community partnership-based research project which requires work both inside the classroom and in the field to create positive change. Each CRS focuses on a specific type of research method and a specific community or constituency in the metro New York City area. Students learn skills that allow them to do research and which will inform both their understanding of contemporary civic and community challenges and their performative practice. This class will allow students to answer the following questions: What is the intersection of theater practice/ dramaturgic research methods and civic engagement? How can I use my dramatic arts techniques, skills and design thinking to create positive change inside and outside of the theater environment? Students are challenged in this class to work independently and collaboratively with community members. They will be guided step-by- step through the research and creative process, from qualitative and field research to concept visualization and evaluation.



Anne Montgomery, School of Drama


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