Africa is a Country

Africa is a Country is a leading website of criticism and analysis of media and politics of Africa and its diaspora. It has a large and diverse readership. With no advertising or promotion, it has amassed over 90,000 Twitter followers. Its Facebook page has over 56,000 “Likes.”

Africa is a Country has become an indispensable hub of information and thinking for policy-makers, writers, artists and creative thinkers, and a vital digital destination. The title of the project signals our rejection of familiar myths and tropes that continue to frame discourse about the continent. Africa is a Country reclaims and reframes debate with a powerful, self-confident and unashamedly African perspective.

It is also irreverent and playful. The majority of its contributors are academics and artists who translate scholarly debates and high-level political and cultural analyses into accessible language.

Over the nearly eight years of its existence, Africa is a Country has built a number of partnerships and connections and trained a number of young African scholars and writers, equally based in the diaspora and on the continent, as well as create opportunities for them to create media. It has helped to propel a movement towards greater openness to serious, popular and opinion writing among Africanist  scholars and researchers.



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