Street Seats

Street Seats is a collaboration between the NYC Department of Transportation and the Design Build: Urban Public Space elective course within the School of Constructed Environments, which marks its 4th year in the spring of 2018.

The project is part of a DOT program which reclaims portions of New York City’s streets for much needed public space. These spaces provide a safe and attractive seating area for the public. The Design Build course is responsible for creating The New School’s contribution to the Street Seats program at the northeast corner of 13th Street and Fifth Avenue. Through the course, the participating students explore alternatives to the city’s standard Street Seats design and imagine a space that reflects The New School’s ethics and vision.

The design uses the provided 40ft x 6ft space along the curb of 13th Street where it incorporates an area to relax, converse, and interact with the city. The components of the space are constructed in-house and then installed on site each April, coinciding with The New School’s Earth Week. The installation is always completed during the day and can be observed by passersby.

(Image source: Parsons School of Design)


Parsons School of Design
School of Constructed Environments


Street Seats @ Parsons


Design Build

March Studio 4

Parsons Design Studio


Nicole Di Feo, Part-time faculty, School of Constructed Environments

Shari Rachel Gold, Senior Manager of Street Furniture and Contracts, NYC DOT

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