Zachary Rosen

The New School (Student)


Zachary Rosen is a writer, photographer and project manager focusing on stories and initiatives that seek to deepen public engagement with social literacies and knowledges. Towards that aim, Zachary serves as co-director of Ba re e ne re, a literary arts nonprofit in Lesotho, hosting storytelling festivals, creative writing workshop and spelling bees, as well as conducting research into Lesotho’s arts pedagogies. With collaborators at Ba re e ne re, he co-edited a book of short stories called, Likheleke tsa puo: New Writing from Lesotho (2016).

Zachary is currently the Project Manager for the New School Collaboratory and is a graduate student of international affairs at The New School with a concentration on media/culture. In addition, he serves on the editorial board of the media critique website Africa is a Country. Zachary holds a B.A. from Colorado College with a focus on international relations and African studies.



Featured Collaboratory Project


Ba re e ne re: Lesotho Storytelling

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