Participatory Community Engagement Course

A space for listening, dialogue and collective analysis

In the Participatory Community Engagement course at the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, graduate students work with New York City nonprofits to create a space for listening, dialogue and collective analysis of issues of shared concern.

The course has two primary components. First, students learning about the theory behind participatory community development, popular education and critical pedagogy. Then, students put their participatory facilitation and dialogue skills to work in collaboration with local organizations and communities.

Ultimately, through theory, dialogue, and facilitation practice, students learn the promises–and inherent challenges–of using participatory methodologies as a vehicle for social change. Students become critically aware practitioners who are prepared to design change processes and engage in current debates surrounding participatory approaches to addressing societal problems.


Past partnerships have included:

Groundswell (2015-16)

The New School Humanities Action Lab (2015-16)

Midtown Community Court | Center for Court Innovation (2013)

Tenants & Neighbors (2011-12)

Red Hook Community Justice Center (2011-12)

Hunts Point Alliance for Children (2008)

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