David Colby Reed

The New School (Faculty)


David Colby Reed is a part time faculty member at the Strategic Design and Management masters program at Parsons and an affiliate faculty member at the DESIS Lab. He is also co-founder and managing partner of Foossa, a design and strategy consultancy. David combines insights from the behavioral sciences, economics, and user research. Much of his work concerns building inclusive financial services in the US and abroad, and, to do so, he has worked to bridge the public, private, and social sectors. David has advised regulators in Africa and Asia on using mobile phone-based financial services to promote financial inclusion, and analyzed the impact of proposed regulations. For private companies, he has researched the ways in which regulatory environments influence the features of financial instruments in emerging markets.David has designed and evaluated programs promoting social change, and is experienced in aligning an organization’s efforts with its desired outcomes. He has helped to develop a model of financial advising for low-income New Yorkers that was later adopted by New York City’s Office of Financial Empowerment.




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