Andrea Gonzalez Maroto

The New School (Student)


Andrea Gonzalez Maroto is a freelance multimedia producer and architect, and the co-founder of FITA Architecture Works. She is interested in the significant role that art and media have to open critical spaces for discussion and focuses her work on projects that exalts storytelling and gives visibility to narratives and interviews which push critical thinking forward, and ultimately, the work of human rights. She has a broad array of production skills, marketing and communication experience, and research and critical theory in the visual arts and architectural design. She is inspired by the diversity of teams that she has had the opportunity to work with, as well as their commitment to design strategies for advocacy campaigns and artwork that result from the critical process of archiving. Andrea is constantly thinking about representation and ethics, questions of perception, and the philosophy of the visual arts. When she isn’t working on her own architectural practice with my partner, she enjoys fiction and journal writing. Andrea has lived in Costa Rica, in different parts of Italy, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and most recently Barcelona.



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