Public Art: Metroorganism

Location: 1495 Herkimer Street Brooklyn, NY 11233
Neighborhood: East New York
Program: School-based Programs
Theme: Urban Environment
Year: 2011
Partner(s): Aspiration Diploma Plus High School
Lead Artist(s): Chris Soria
Assistant Artist(s): Frank Parga
Participants: Six high school students at Aspirations Diploma Plus High School
Medium: Acrylic on pillars
Dimensions: 3 Pillars each at 8 x 11 ft


“MetrOrganism” was designed for three cylindrical pillars in the Aspirations Diploma Plus High School library. Student artists developed imagery through observation of the immediate neighborhood and environment. They maintained notebooks of their personal reflections about the characteristics of their local community and the city as a whole. The students also studied the Da Vincian principle of Curiosita: an insatiable approach to life and unrelenting quest for continued learning. Free association exercises led the students to a vision of the city as living organism. Each image in the triptych is continuous to the left and right in either direction.

The mural is presented as a triptych of cylindrical pillars. Each design creates an image that is continuous to the left and right in either direction.

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