New Challenge: Change Making is a Creative Pursuit

“New Challenge builds from The New School’s deep legacy of progressive education and commitment to social engagement. It supports the generation of a more just and inclusive world in very authentic and grounded ways. I am constantly amazed by the imagination and determination our students demonstrate as they bring these ideas into reality.”

— Mary Watson, Executive Dean, Schools of Public Engagement

New Challenge was built from the ground up by a group of students and faculty from design, management, performing arts, and social science. This initial team of students began their collaboration by developing a creative project that engaged the university community in the experience of improvisation as a metaphor for risk taking, deemed to be an essential element in change making.

Watch this video to learn about the initial collaboration that spawned New Challenge:

Creating pathways for real-world learning has never been more important. New Challenge provides an environment that encourages students to embrace challenges as they take their ideas to the next level. Students develop the confidence to take risks and share their ideas with others as they implement their projects. For many, the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-world challenges is transformative. As students engage with injustices that move them on a personal level, they further develop core competencies needed to succeed in the 21st century. These mindsets and skills characterize a design-driven approach to interdisciplinary problem solving. They include the ability to identify unmet needs, map diverse stakeholders, prototype various solutions, validate initial assumptions, and adjust course as needed.

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